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Kaiston is a leading China manufacturer of castor wheels,heavy duty casters and industrial wheels for materials handling, engineering, aerospace,

retail, building trade, hospital and medical, food and beverage, catering,construction, manufacturing and fabrication, wholesale and many more.

From investment and successful shareholding transfer at the end of 2017, Kaiston not only produce Heavy Duty Casters, but also produce Hand Pallet truck

for materials handling from 2018.

With twelve years development, Kaiston has developed heavy duty casters and hand pallet jacks series products through constant improvement and

innovation and the products specifications.

Kaiston Products including with following List:

Types & Description Fork Size Load Capacity
● Hand Pallet Truck 550x1150mm 2000KGS--5000KGS
Types & Description Platform Size Load Capacity
● Hydraulic Platform Trolley 820*500*50mm 350KGS
920*500*50mm 500KGS
Types & Description Dia. Of Wheels Tread Width Load Capacity Range
● Urethane Heavy Duty Caster 75mm to 400mm 45mm to 350mm 250KGS --- 8000KGS
● Rubber Heavy Duty Castors 100mm to 400mm 50mm to 80mm 200KGS --- 1200KGS
● Nylon Heavy Duty Castors 100mm to 300mm 50mm to 70mm 250KGS --- 8000KGS
● Steel Heavy Duty Casters 100mm to 300mm 50mm to 70mm 250KGS --- 1500KGS
● Plastic Heavy Duty Casters 100mm to 300mm 45mm to 70mm 250KGS --- 320KGS
● Scaffolding Castor Wheels 150mm to 200mm 45mm to 50mm 200KGS --- 400KGS
● Spring Loaded Castor Wheels 100mm to 200mm 45mm to 50mm 250KGS --- 420KGS
● Forklift and Pallets Wheels 80*50mm to 200*50mm 200KGS --- 500KGS

Kaiston adopts the international advanced production equipment and professional testing process,relying on scientific management Kaiston built a solid

reputation for the quality of our products and we have a growing list of satisfied clients who come to us for the best choice in hand pallet truck and heavy

duty caster wheels.

Customers' satisfaction is our top pursuit. Kaiston  sincerely wish can be establish stable business relationship with customers all over the world.